For the well being of
your dog




In a natural environment, on 8 arpents (7.98 acres) of green spaces, we offer our customers grassy play areas for multiple visits outside.

The outdoor play areas are always impeccably clean due to a unique method of maintenance using water.


At all times, your dog benefits from an odorless environment, indoors as well as outside.

Any “number 1” is immediately sprayed with water to ensure keeping the green state of the turf for the entire summer and to also allow us to have an odorless outside environment. Any “number 2” is picked up within seconds to be sure that nobody steps in it.


In our doggie day care, during his vacation in your absence, what your faithful friend needs most is a human presence to pet and comfort him. That’s why, beginning with his arrival and during his numerous trips outside, he is in good hands with our qualified personnel.

Since his security is so dear to us, your dog will never be paired up with another dog at our facility. Therefore, he has no risk of being intimidated or even bitten.

In order to offer some human contact, your dog will be accompanied by an attentive and very devoted employee on all his trips outside.


Le Centre Canin de l’Ouest is proud of its excellent reputation in hygiene matters.

We owe it all to our effectiveness of the level of cleaning of the enclosures. Since our opening in 1986, in the kennels we have used a cleaner-disinfectant-sanitizer-air freshener-fungicide-virucide that was specially formulated for use in food factories, restaurants, and dairies.

This cleaner has proven itself; our excellent results testify to that fact!

Of course, a strict vaccination policy is also in effect.